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Systems and Virtualization Management
Systems and Virtualization Management

Systems and Virtualization Management , Standards and New Technologies , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen , Auflage: 2009, Erscheinungsjahr: 20081014, Produktform: Kartoniert, Beilage: Book, Titel der Reihe: Communications in Computer and Information Science#18#~Lecture Notes in Physics#18#, Redaktion: Boursas, Latifa, Auflage/Ausgabe: 2009, Abbildungen: illustrations, Fachschema: Betriebssystem (EDV)~Operating System~EDV / Theorie / Software-Entw. / Software Engineering~Informatik~Schnittstelle (EDV)~Informationstechnologie~IT~Technologie / Informationstechnologie~EDV / Theorie / Informatik / Allgemeines, Fachkategorie: Betriebssysteme~Software Engineering~Systemanalyse und -design~Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen~Virtualisierung~Informationstechnik (IT), allgemeine Themen, Fachkategorie: Interfacedesign, Benutzerfreundlichkeit (Usability), Text Sprache: eng, Seitenanzahl: X, Seitenanzahl: 135, Warenverzeichnis für die Außenhandelsstatistik: 49019900, Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH, Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH, Verlag: Springer Berlin, Länge: 235, Breite: 155, Höhe: 9, Gewicht: 236, Produktform: Kartoniert, Genre: Mathematik/Naturwissenschaften/Technik/Medizin, Genre: Mathematik/Naturwissenschaften/Technik/Medizin, Herkunftsland: DEUTSCHLAND (DE), Katalog: Gesamtkatalog, Katalog: Internationale Lagertitel, Katalog: internationale Titel, Katalog: Lagerartikel, Book on Demand, ausgew. Medienartikel, Unterkatalog: AK, Unterkatalog: Bücher, Unterkatalog: Hardcover, WolkenId: 234739

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Virtuality And Virtualization  Kartoniert (TB)
Virtuality And Virtualization Kartoniert (TB)

This book begins with consideration of possible frameworks for understanding virtuality and virtualization. It includes papers that consider ways of analyzing virtual work in terms of work processes. It examines group processes within virtual teams focusing in particular on leadership and group identity as well as the role of knowledge in virtual settings and other implications of the role of fiction in structuring virtuality.

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Botwright, Rob: Virtualization Power Pack
Botwright, Rob: Virtualization Power Pack

Virtualization Power Pack , Mastering VMware, Virtualbox, Parallels, Citrix , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Systems And Virtualization Management  Kartoniert (TB)
Systems And Virtualization Management Kartoniert (TB)

Second International Workshop SVM 2008 Munich Germany October 21-22 2008. Proceedings

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Beeinflusst das Aktivieren des Virtualization SVM-Modus die PC-Performance?

Das Aktivieren des Virtualization SVM-Modus kann die PC-Performance beeinflussen, insbesondere wenn Virtualisierungssoftware wie V...

Das Aktivieren des Virtualization SVM-Modus kann die PC-Performance beeinflussen, insbesondere wenn Virtualisierungssoftware wie VirtualBox oder VMware verwendet wird. Durch die Aktivierung des SVM-Modus kann der Prozessor effizienter mit Virtualisierungsaufgaben umgehen, was zu einer verbesserten Leistung führen kann. Allerdings kann es auch zu einer geringfügigen Beeinträchtigung der Performance anderer Anwendungen kommen, da Ressourcen für die Virtualisierung reserviert werden.

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Virtualization Essentials - Matthew Portnoy  Kartoniert (TB)
Virtualization Essentials - Matthew Portnoy Kartoniert (TB)

Learn the fundamental concepts and skills by building your own virtual machine Virtualization is more important than ever it's how the Cloud works! As virtualization continues to expand millions of companies all over the world are leveraging virtualization. IT professionals need a solid understanding of virtualization concepts and software to compete in today's job market. The updated new edition of Virtualization Essentials teaches you the core concepts and skills necessary to work with virtualization environments. Designed for new and aspiring IT professionals alike this practical guide offers an applied real-world approach to help you develop the necessary skill set to work in Cloud computing the DevOps space and the rest of the virtual world. Virtualization Essentials simplifies complex concepts to ensure that you fully understand what virtualization is and how it works within the computing environment. Step by step you'll learn how to build your own virtual machine both by scratch and by migrating from physical to virtual. Each user-friendly chapter contains an overview of the topic a discussion of key concepts hands-on tutorials end-of-chapter exercises review questions and more. * Configure and manage a virtual machine's CPU memory storage and networking * Distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors * Compare the leading hypervisor products in today's market * Configure additional devices for a virtual machine * Make considerations for availability * Understand how cloud computing leverages virtualization Virtualization Essentials is an invaluable 'learn-by-doing' resource for new and aspiring IT professionals looking to gain a solid foundation in virtualization. It is also an excellent reference for more experienced IT admins responsible for managing on-premise and remote computers and workstations.

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Grids  Clouds And Virtualization  Kartoniert (TB)
Grids Clouds And Virtualization Kartoniert (TB)

Research into grid computing has been driven by the need to solve large-scale increasingly complex problems for scientific applications. Yet the applications of grid computing for business and casual users did not begin to emerge until the development of the concept of cloud computing fueled by advances in virtualization techniques coupled with the increased availability of ever-greater Internet bandwidth. The appeal of this new paradigm is mainly based on its simplicity and the affordable price for seamless access to both computational and storage resources. This timely text/reference introduces the fundamental principles and techniques underlying grids clouds and virtualization technologies as well as reviewing the latest research and expected future developments in the field. Readers are guided through the key topics by internationally recognized experts enabling them to develop their understanding of an area likely to play an ever more significant role in coming years. Topics and features: presents contributions from an international selection of experts in the field; provides a thorough introduction and overview of existing technologies in grids clouds and virtualization including a brief history of the field; examines the basic requirements for performance isolation of virtual machines on multi-core servers analyzing a selection of system virtualization technologies; examines both business and scientific applications of grids and clouds including their use in the life sciences and for high-performance computing; explores cloud building technologies architectures for enhancing grid infrastructures with cloud computing and cloud performance; discusses energy aware grids and clouds workflows on grids and clouds and cloud and grid programming models. This useful text will enable interested readers to familiarize themselves with the key topics of grids clouds and virtualization and to contribute to new advances in the field. Researchers undergraduate and graduate students system designers and programmers and IT policy makers will all benefit from the material covered.

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Technological Innovation for Digitalization and Virtualization
Technological Innovation for Digitalization and Virtualization

Technological Innovation for Digitalization and Virtualization , 13th IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2022, Caparica, Portugal, June 29 ¿ July 1, 2022, Proceedings , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Virtualization Of Universities - Thomas Pfeffer  Kartoniert (TB)
Virtualization Of Universities - Thomas Pfeffer Kartoniert (TB)

Using the University of Klagenfurt as an in-depth case study this book assesses new information and communication technology. Explores the effects of digital media on research the preservation and dissemination of knowledge and education delivery.

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Jain, Shashank Mohan: Linux Containers and Virtualization
Jain, Shashank Mohan: Linux Containers and Virtualization

Linux Containers and Virtualization , This book is a practical, comprehensive guide to creating secure and efficient Linux containers using the Rust programming language. It utilizes a hands-on approach to teach Rust's programming constructs, security features, and its application in containerization. Author Shashank Mohan Jain starts with a gentle introduction to Rust to help you grasp the language's core concepts, syntax, and unique memory safety guarantees. He then transitions into the realm of Linux container development, where Rust shines as a robust and secure language for building containerized applications. Through hands-on examples, you will gain a deep understanding of how to harness Rust's features to create lightweight and secure Linux containers and how to leverage its strong type system and ownership model to eliminate common bugs and ensure memory safety in containerized applications. As you progress, yoüll explore the intricacies of working with system resources, networking, and interacting withthe host operating system while maintaining isolation and security within the containers, as well as how Rust's concurrency model can build performant and responsive containerized applications. The book also covers advanced topics such as secure configuration handling, logging, and handling authentication within your containerized environment. After completing this book, you will be well-versed in Rust programming, equipped to create efficient and secure Linux containers, and confident in your ability to develop containerized applications for a variety of use cases. What You Will Learn Understand the basics of the Rust programming language Understand Rust's security features Create Linux constructs like namespaces in Rust Develop your own container runtime using Rust Who This Book Is For Developers, Architects and SREs working with cloud applications and dealing with container based workloads. , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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Service Virtualization - John Michelsen  Jason English  Kartoniert (TB)
Service Virtualization - John Michelsen Jason English Kartoniert (TB)

Software drives innovation and success in today's business world. Yet critical software projects consistently come in late defective and way over budget. So what's the problem? Get ready for a shock because the answer to the problem is to avoid reality altogether. A new IT practice and technology called Service Virtualization (SV) is industrializing the process of simulating everything in our software development and test environments. Service Virtualization is a method to emulate the behavior of components in heterogeneous applications such as Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Yes fake systems are even better than the real thing for most of the design and development lifecycle and SV is already making a huge impact at some of the world's biggest companies. Service Virtualization: Reality Is Overrated is the first book to present this powerful new method for simulating the behavior data and responsiveness of specific components in complex applications. By faking out dependency constraints SV delivers dramatic improvements in speed cost performance and agility to the development of enterprise application software. Writing for executive and technical readers alike SV inventor John Michelsen and Jason English capture lessons learned from the first five years of applying this game-changing practice in real customer environments. Other industries-from aviation to medicine-already understand the power of simulation to solve real-world constraints and deliver new products to market better faster and cheaper. Now it's time to apply the same thinking to our software. For more information see

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Yang, Song: Resource Allocation in Network Function Virtualization
Yang, Song: Resource Allocation in Network Function Virtualization

Resource Allocation in Network Function Virtualization , Problems, Models and Algorithms , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Technological Innovation For Digitalization And Virtualization  Kartoniert (TB)
Technological Innovation For Digitalization And Virtualization Kartoniert (TB)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Advanced Doctoral Conference on Computing Electrical and Industrial Systems DoCEIS 2022 held in Caparica Portugal during June-July 2022. The 22 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 48 submissions. The papers present selected results produced in engineering doctoral programs and focus on technological innovation for industry and service systems. The papers are organized into the following topical sub-headings: Smart Systems Thinking; Cyber-physical Systems; health-related Digitalization; Electric Systems and Machines; Smart Devices; and Control and Digital Platforms.

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